Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Passover

Kiryat Ono, Israel. Our Passover Seder with our cousins Janet, Ethan, and Avigail, and several others. Above: the Seder plate with all the traditional items that are part of the ritual readings, prayers, and songs. What a beautiful evening! I didn't photograph every single dish that we ate, but here are a few.

Matzoh, haroset, the Seder Plate, and two pomelos from Janet's garden.
A 20th century tradition is to add an orange to the Seder plate to represent
the fact that women play an active role in modern Judaism. We used the
two pomelos for this symbol.


A 5.3 kilo salmon, about to be poached in the large fish poacher.
On the back of the stove: a pot of chicken soup.
Hard boiled eggs, a standard part of the menu.
One roasted egg appears on the Seder Plate.
Ethan preparing the dishes.
Special  Passover rolls and at right, komish bread for dessert.
Also for dessert: meringues.
In the kitchen: preparing sauce for the fish.
Sabbath candles, lit as part of the Passover ritual because the Seder was on Friday night this year. All Jewish holidays
are "moveable" feasts because the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar. Outside the window you can see the flower boxes.

Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls

A Whole Roast Salmon

Janet carves the salmon, our main course after the ritual foods, the eggs, chopped liver, nut spread, and soup.
The salmon: to be served with lemon sauce and kumquat chutney.
After all was carved, eaten, and put into a large dish for another day.


Beth F said...

Looks like a great feast!

gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

A beautiful post-Passover in Israel- loved seeing your family seder with all the prep and ritual foods- thank you for sharing.
What do they say instead of " next year in Jerusalem" ? The charoset presentation looked delicious- what was that made of ?

Tina said...

Indeed, a great feast. Looking forward to photos of your visit, never have been to Israel and I’d like to see local sites!

Mae Travels said...

To Judee -- We didn't say "Next Year in Jerusalem" or anything in place of it! The haroset had quite a number of ingredients, including figs, chestnuts, and apricots. It was from a March 20 New York Times article about the Jews of Provence titled "A Seder Feast in Provence, With Roots in Ancient Rome."

jama said...

What a beautiful feast! Love the seder plate and learning about all the Passover traditional foods.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

This looks so great, and wow, what a huge salmon! (which shows you I only ever get to see pieces in the store; this looks like the real deal!) Happy Holiday!

sherry said...

ooh yes that salmon looks very beautiful. there is something about a whole fish...i went to a cooking class once where the chef cut up half a dozen massive tuna; that was a sight to see. hope you had a nice break/holiday/Passover cheers sherry x