Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Israeli Cats and a Few Birds

Cats were originally native to the Middle East, and are still viewed here as animals to be respected and well-treated.
Semi-tame cats often live around people, and beg at restaurants or picnic areas. Here's one at a dumpster.
I lured this cat with a bite of my tuna sandwich a few days ago. It looked
quite well fed. We met the cat at an Aroma Cafe (a chain found at many
highway rest stops). Though the Aroma's sandwiches are quite good,
they aren't much to look at! So no food photos.
This cat lives in the outdoor dining area of our hotel in Eilat.
Also looks well-fed and well groomed, though it probably doesn't
"belong" to anyone, and is definitely a begging type.
I wonder how many of the endangered bird species that interest us so much are menaced by the numerous cats of this region! We have definitely encountered the Israeli cats on previous trips, often more aggressive and less obsequious individuals that thought they had a right to eat your leftovers (and maybe even your food).

First thing this morning, we went up to another mountain top hoping to see more migrants and local species of birds. This is where we were and one of the birds we saw: another species of wheatear:

Unfortunately it's a hot day, and fewer birds than usual are out in the open or flying over. Our second birding spot was the International Birding and Research Center, Eilat. We saw a tiny warbler that had just been banded, and waited at the salt ponds of the refuge for some of the other birds that have recently been seen here, but it was a slow day for birds. 

Many fanciful sculptures and art works are displayed on the grounds of the bird observatory.

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Kitchen Riffs said...

I'm always up for looking at kitty pictures! Our cat is very photogenic, but isn't much into being photographed, alas. Fun post -- thanks.