Saturday, July 01, 2017

Visiting Paris in my Imagination

"Paris in July" starts this week: a blogging event that I have often enjoyed. My most recent trip to Paris was a little over a year ago, and I love to imagine going back Paris, so I'm definitely looking forward to the posts that other bloggers share. This event is sponsored by Tamara who blogs at Thyme For Tea -- her first post is "Paris in July -- Officially Starts!"

As I began imagining a visit to Paris, I recalled how the central characters of several children's books enjoyed some time in the City of Light. Obviously, the first character that comes to mind is little Madeline, creation of writer/illustrator Ludwig Bemelmans. Madeline made her debut in 1939.

Madeline indeed may be the most famous fictional child in an English-language book about Paris.
In one of Madeline's TV adventures she climbed the Eiffel Tower -- and as always got into mischief.
Miss Clavel, head of Madeline's school in Paris, also accompanied her charges on the Paris Metro.
Eloise, another fictional child, was mostly known for her life in the Plaza Hotel
in New York. However, she did make a visit to Paris as well in this sequel.
Hilary Knight, the illustrator of the Eloise books, is now 90 years old, and very active -- subject of a big exhibit documented here: "Remarkable. Extraordinary. Eccentric: The Man Who Drew Eloise Recalls His Muses." I have lots of memories of Eloise. She was very popular when I was younger, though I don't think she's completely forgotten yet. I bought a copy of this book for this month's blog event, so I may have more to say about it later.

Babar the Elephant gave some advice about Paris to his daughter who  was planning
a visit. I'll be back with more about Babar in Paris. The Babar books were originally
written in French by Jean de Brunhoff and his son Laurent de Brunhoff. 
A few years ago, in a TV series, Paddington Bear visited Paris where he participated in the Tour de France.
Here's Paddington with his loaf of French bread -- probably the most characteristic of French foods!
This TV series seems to have gone beyond most of the Paddington adventures, which in the books take place in London.
Sadly, Paddington's creator, Michael Bond, died this week -- his NPR Obituary is HERE.
I suspect that many other well-loved children's characters have visited Paris, but for now, that's my first contribution to Paris in July. No idea what I might do later!

Note: all screen shots are from YOUTUBE.


Mel u said...

A very interesting take on Children's books set in Paris. Thanks

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

There are so many famous children's book characters who travel to Paris. Magic Tree House kids. Geronimo Stilton. Minnie and Moo. Dodsworth. Everyone except Clifford the Big Red Dog, I think!

Nadia A said...

I don't know why I never thought about it before, but you are so right about the children's characters whose books are set in Paris. I didn't even think of Paddington - I love that! What a fun post :)

Tamara said...

I love Madeleine... I don know Eloise but I saw it recently and thought Id put it on my list too... its on the back list after Ive read my first pile. Gorgeous images Mae.