Saturday, July 22, 2017

Woody Allen's Robot Makes Pudding

Another classic film: "Sleeper." Woody's character Milo was cryogenically frozen in 1973 (around the time the film was made) and wakes up in a strange dystopia 200 years later. Chased by the cops of this totalitarian society he disguises himself as a domestic robot and imitates the behavior of the advanced technological humanoids that wait on the elite of the future.

Ordered to serve food and drinks from an automated kitchen, Milo-as-robot tries to make pudding for his boss -- that is, Diane Keaton's character Luna the rather dumb poet with a PhD in oral sex.

"Sleeper" is full of memorable lines and sight gags. I guess Woody Allen just couldn't resist putting in the clumsy cops being hit over the head with large bat-like things or the scene where Milo slips on the peel of a banana the size of "a canoe." The line that we have quoted over and over through the years is what Milo says when threatened with being mentally reprogrammed: "My brain! That's my second-favorite organ."

We were laughing out loud throughout the whole film. We're totally educating Miriam in the classics. No, "Citizen Kane" is not on our watch list.


Nish said...

Sounds like a really strange but fun movie!

Beth F said...

I remember seeing this when it first came out.