Monday, July 31, 2017

In My July KItchen

Cookies from Australia: Tim Tams, a favorite there since 1964. Purchased at Kroger's supermarket.
Blogger Johanna goes as far as to say: "I think I might claim that Tim Tams are Australia's answer to Oreos."
My friends from Australia sometimes mention Arnott's Tim Tams in their blogs, where they mention not only liking them, but also as an ingredient in other treats like brownies, donuts, and ice cream. So I wanted to share a picture of the package containing my first ever taste of this exotic item, a chocolate-covered crunchy biscuit. We ate almost the entire 7 oz package immediately after opening it, and found Tim Tams quite delicious. However, I suspect we are lacking the right childhood memories that lead to the lifetime of Tim-Tam-love that the Australians seem to lavish on them. The commercial home page for Tim Tams modestly says:
"Go anywhere in Australia and you’ll feel it. That deep, raw, unbridled passion Aussies have for their Tim Tam® biscuits."
These Australian friends speak to me through their blogs -- I haven't met them in real life. I am especially familiar with their food thoughts from the once-a-month blogging event called "In My Kitchen." To see what these bloggers are featuring in their kitchens this month, check their links in Sherry's blog here. And let's continue with what's new or different in my own kitchen at the end of July.

In my kitchen I have this new moose-decorated tea towel from Maine.
Beside it is an older tea towel with a map of London.
Also from Maine: a pot holder with a lobster theme.
And tea from the famous Jordan Pond House, which is better known for
popovers and other breakfast items. 
Evelyn and Miriam brought me the tea towel, potholder, and tea,
as well as this little bluebird tea-bag holder. They spent a week in Maine.
During July, I cooked and prepared food quite a lot. For example, these deviled eggs.

Lots and lots of fresh produce arrives in July -- here's just one plum.
In season, though not necessarily local to Michigan: red & yellow heirloom tomatoes, peaches, avocados.

Chopped tomato & avocado, ready to put on toast to make bruschetta.
Salad including a yellow heirloom tomato, avocado, cilantro, tuna, garlic croutons, bell pepper,
garbanzo beans, Moroccan spices, and a spoonful of tahini.
Fresh ripe peaches baked into a crumble. We have had a few local early-variety peaches already, though most are
from further south or from California. One farmer's market vendor also had a few apricots early in July.

Not in the kitchen, but at the beach -- my sister's peach pie. What a treat!


Olga said...

I have a pan almost like the one you used for your peach crumble.
Please send me the recipe. Peaches here are quite good right now.

Pam said...

Love your moose towel! All your food looks great and I'd like to dig in, esp the cobbler!

Jeanie said...

I love this. I love seeing other foodie blogs (I get a lot of ideas and recipes) but it's especially interesting when they are places that have different foods than we do.

When we were in MA last March, Rick's brother and sister-in-law had an Aussie/NZ dinner (they'd just returned) and we did the Tim Tam Slam. Check it out here. It's loads of fun -- but have lots of napkins. (And you don't have to do it with alcohol-laced hot drinks, but we did! Yum!)

sherry from sherrys pickings said...

hi Mae
i love the plate your devilled eggs are sitting on. so pretty. nice to have fresh produce in (your) summer isn't it? glad you liked the tim-tams. i guess you know about sucking your tea or coffee thru them? yes they certainly hold childhood memories for many aussies. thanks for joining in this month. Lovely to see you. cheers sherry x

Kim Bultman said...

Mae, I loved your thoughts on the memories associated with favorite foods. So true! Glad you got to experience Tim Tams and actually found them in the US. Your deviled eggs photo is mouth-watering and your lobster potholder is so cute! Peach pie at the beach sounds like a great way to celebrate summer, too. Good to see you again! xo

Tiffin Fiona said...

Deviled eggs! Who doesn't love that old fashioned fave? Taste and fashions may change but you'll never see any of them left on the plate at a party. I like Tim Tams but am not a 'lover'. Sure, I'll eat one but you'd never see a packet in our house. I know this goes against the general cultural zeitgeist!

Johanna GGG said...

unlike fiona I think it is hard to eat just one tim tam - they are very moreish - so pleased you enjoyed them - and I am quite jealous of your peaches and very admiring of your moose teatowel - your devilled eggs look gorgeous and your kitchen sounds like lots is going on there just now!

Anonymous said...

You can buy Tim Tams here in Bahrain and I remember my flatmate used to stock pile them in our fridge just in case the supermarkets ran out. Lots of lovely produce in you kitchen... love deviled eggs too :)

Liz said...

I will have to keep a look out for Tim Tams, but I think you are right about having childhood memories. I have similar feelings about kit kat bars, favorites from childhood and still today.

Loved the beach scene, you need some ice cream on the peach pie!

Liz (Good Things) said...

Mae, how did I miss this? Perhaps I was mid-travels. Love all the goodies in your kitchen. That little birdie caught my eye xx

Tina said...

I enjoyed your tour of the kitchen and like those tea towels. I try and get something I can use in the kitchen when we travel and I remember the trip each time I use it. I know your towel was given to you but, you know what I mean.
Great photo of the peach pie and beach.

Miss Food Fairy said...

So you enjoyed the Tim Tams Mae? They're something Aussies all grew up on and love :) Love you little red robin tea holder, very cute. That Moroccan salad looks delicious too X

Unknown said...

I recently had my first Tim Tams as well and enjoyed they (also bought at Kroger). Today on during an emergency run to Wal-Mart I spied the dark chocolate mint Tim Tams and snagged them too. Can't wait to try them. Loving all your summer produce. I just love all the summer tomatoes, peaches and more. I'll miss it when the season is over.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in Australia who always brings us TimTams, so good! Lots of tasty treats in your kitchen, it's making me hungry.