Thursday, February 25, 2010

Speaking of No-Knead Bread

Sunday evening we were treated to a beautiful meal at some friends' house. It included a loaf of no-knead bread that was incredible. Of course I'd heard about this recently-developed technique for bread-making, and maybe tried someone else's version without discussion. Yesterday the bread-maker/hostess sent me copies of the two articles from 2008 that she relied on. On the same topic: the current blog post, Do You Really Want to Make French Bread? by editor (and now blogger) Judith Jones. AND...

Now Harold McGee has spoken! This week's New York Times column is about the famous no-knead breads, including experimental and theoretical information. Don't miss
The Curious Cook

Better Bread With Less Kneading

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Jeanie said...

First, thanks for your support of public tv during these challenging times!

AND thanks for posting this article -- I haven't had good french bread since Paris and no-knead sounds great!