Sunday, February 07, 2010

Traditional Food

I decided to make chili for dinner. We ate in the living room while watching the annual great event.

My favorite commercial was the one with the eco-police, who shine a light in the kitchen window to catch a guy throwing a banana peel in the wrong garbage can -- composting crime. And who break up a hot-tub party because the water is heated to 105ยบ and arrest a driver at a road block for having a foam coffee cup. Nobody likes the eco-police!

My second-favorite commercials were the Dorritos commercials, especially the one with the dog who puts a no-bark collar on a guy and takes his Dorritos.

My third-favorite had humans in a big pool doing loop-the-loops, jumping through hoops and catching treats in their mouths, just like dolphins in a dolphin show. Very special-effect heavy.

Lucky thing: Whole Foods had a special on almost all the ingredients for the chili.

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