Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny and Windy

Here's a view of the water from the end of a short walk this morning. We had a very easy day. We walked across Key Largo to this very small beach access point among huge fenced-in houses.

After a late breakfast, we got in the car and took a ride down Route 1. We stopped at a historical park where we heard about the railroad that ran through the keys until the famous Labor Day hurricane of 1935 destroyed the tracks. What I learned: the use of mile markers to designate location along Route 1 is the legacy of the railroad, where it's a standard way to indicate location. Also that the bridges survived the hurricane, while the tracks were twisted and thrown around. A train trying to save people was derailed, with horrific loss of life.

Finally we stopped at one of the few bookstores in the area. Near the bookstore I saw two advertising signs on opposite sides of the road:

We had a quiet and very nice dinner -- I couldn't resist another local lobster. First we had smoked fish spread, made from local fish that are smoked at the restaurant.

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~~louise~~ said...

Okay, I admit it, I'm insanely jealous!!! Serene water, beautiful mermaids (albeit fake:) and food fit for my very lobster hungry belly! I do hope you enjoyed a nibble for me:)