Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cooking Chinese Food

This evening I made Chinese food and served it on red plates for Valentine's Day combined with Chinese New Year. I found several recipes online for foods that are supposed to make one live long and prosper.
Above are some of the ingredients for chicken and shitake mushrooms
wrapped in lettuce leaves. The finished dish:

I also made angel hair pasta with a sesame-peanut sauce,
garnished with cilantro, green onion, and lime slices.
And below, the ingredients for steamed fish with aromatics and baby bok choy.

The fish:

I wrote about Chinese traditions for New Years a few days ago; see Chinese Valentine's New Year.


~~louise~~ said...

You are just too funny Mae. What a wonderful array of "festive" dishes. The angel hair pasta sounds intriguing with the peanut sauce.

Thanks for sharing...

Lynn said...

What a festive looking meal, and what a terrifically fun blog! I love food and I love books and it's so much fun to read these entries by a fellow food and book lover :) Now I'm going to go poke around even more, because 20 minutes just isn't enough ;) I'm jotting down some of your book suggestions, too. I love food-related memoirs. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

Cindy said...

Hi Mae,

Love your combo of books and food -- terrific.

Regarding Chinese cooking, have you read The Last Chinese Chef, by Nicole Mones? (I tried to find out if you'd discussed it but couldn't find the search function on your blog page). If not, you'd love it. But I am sure you've seen already.

Mae Travels said...

Hi Cindy,
On Blogspot blogs, there is a search box in the upper left corner of the black info bar; alas, the blogger search function has been erratic for months. But I did find my enthusiastic entry on "The Last Chinese Chef" --

Jeanie said...

It all looks beautiful, Mae. And delicious.

(My verification word is "vinebuto" -- which sounds rather foodie to me!)