Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Frozen fish has a smaller carbon footprint than fresh...

From the New York Times, a very interesting idea:

Eat Frozen Fish

The authors, Astrid Scholz, Ulf Sonesson, and Peter Tyedmers, all researchers,write:
"When it comes to salmon, the questions of organic versus conventional and wild versus farmed matter less than whether the fish is frozen or fresh. In many cases, fresh salmon has about twice the environmental impact as frozen salmon."
Because fresh fish must be transported by air, its carbon footprint is far greater than that for any form of frozen fish, which is usually flash-frozen at sea and then transported by more efficient means. I think this is a very important set of facts.

Unlike many suggestions about reduction of one's carbon footprint, this one is not challenging to act on. There are some very good frozen fish options at my local markets, as in many places.

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