Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

We ate at Coastal Flats, a very large restaurant specializing in seafood. My grilled fish with spinach, red pepper, and mushrooms was very nice. The busy kitchens are open to the large dining room. After dinner we saw "Avatar" the world's most successful movie of the moment. Many reviewers have noted that the visuals are beautiful -- true, but they aren't particularly imaginative. Nor are the plot, the characters, nor the predictable allegory of militarism, corporate greed, and selfish science vs. new age spiritual chanting and trees. Not my kind of movie.


~~louise~~ said...

Happy New Year Mae!!! I know it's a bit early but the move is still a work in progress and I won't have an internet connection until next week.

The dinner sounds good, as for THAT movie, I don't think it would be to my liking either.

Enjoy New Years, 2010 is going to be such fun!!! Stay safe, Louise:)

Cindy said...

The plate's a little wild, isn't it? Glad the taste passed muster!

Happy New Year's!