Sunday, May 28, 2023

“Forever in Our Hearts”

The graduation ceremony last weekend, when my granddaughter graduated from the University of Virginia, included many memories of the three victims of a mass shooting on campus last November. Devin Chandler, D'Sean Perry, and Lavel Davis Jr., were members of the UVA football team. Their tragic deaths are remembered in many ways by the students, faculty, and administrators of the university, including Jim Ryan, University President, who spoke of the event in his speech at graduation, as did the other speaker, Carla Williams, Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics.

One memorial to the victims is a collection of graffiti on the bridge shown in these photos: prior to the shooting, students repeatedly replaced the graffiti (as is a tradition on many campuses). Now, after the event, during which the entire campus was locked down and in fear of the at-large shooter, the graffiti reads “Forever in our hearts.” Many small tributes are written all around these words.

“A class that has endured a global pandemic, a mass shooting on Grounds and hate crimes in their final year.”

The team numbers of the three players who were murdered.

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eileeninmd said...

These mass shootings are always so sad. Nothing seems to be done to stop them. Congrats to your granddaughter! All the words and the wall is a great memorial for the victims. Have a wonderful weekend.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a heart breaking memorial. So sad and so heartless of the guy who did this. And yet, it is also heartfelt and a great tribute to those who lost their lives.

Bertiebo said...

Impressive. An impressive monument. I feel so sorry for everyone involved

Sami said...

Congratulations to your granddaughter.
Sad that such a memorial is needed in an university, but it's nice that is has been done to remember their colleagues lost in these senseless shootings.
Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Mae.

kwarkito said...

Ces meurtres de masse dans des lieux se savoir redoublent d'une certaine l'effroi qu'ils suscitent. Que la barbarie se manifeste dans des lieux de savoir en dit beaucoup sur l'état d'une société...

Iris Flavia said...

It certainly was in the German news, too.
And what happened. A shooting at a school here in Germany.
I am glad I have no kids...
The world goes crazier and more dangerous by the minute, also thanks to media.
For lethal weapons there are very strict rules here. Wonder where that kid had it from.
But, well, others use knives or axes to kill other people.
A reason I will not attend the summer party my company has at the "Popo" of Braunschweig (aka very far away) - without partner.
Even at daytime I avoid lonely places. My neighbor said I cut down my freedom.
After more and more incidents... he cut off his, also.
Why can´t we live in peace?
Strong mural.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Pausing here to remember those who were lost to the senseless violence...

Helen's Book Blog said...

Congratulations to your granddaughter! That is such a fitting memorial, but so sad that it needs to exist.