Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cult Recipes from Tokyo?

The L.A.Times recently reviewed this cook book: Tokyo Cult Recipes by Maori Murota. I seem to be obsessing about Tokyo and Tokyo food (enabled by the L.A.Times).

The current page for the book includes a whole image gallery from its pages, which look as if it would be worth having the book just for the photos -- like the image above! Despite a couple of negative reviews on the amazon page, it appears really appealing because the recipes seem actually doable.

From the brief Times review by Amy Scattergood:
"The cookbook — first published in 2014 and recently out in wider release — combines 100 recipes and handy step-by-steps with a lot of lovely photography by Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. There are also city detours, highly pictorial stops into Tokyo’s kitchenware district, the famous Tsukiji fish market, and shops selling ceramics, crackers, crepes — and all that fake plastic food. The detours are in the kitchen as well: how to make rice, the many varieties of noodles. The recipes themselves are straightforward, often with annotated drawings or diagrams to pair with all the photographs."
Will I buy it for around $22? Haven't decided yet!

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Vagabonde said...

I’m not sure about Japanese cuisine – I guess it’s because I don’t know that much about it. When we were in Tokyo my daughter kept taking me to noodle restaurants that she loves, and that was a safe cuisine. I did try one of Baskin Robbins’ Japanese flavored ice creams, but it had some type of mustard in it and I did not like it. I usually like different type of cuisines but am shy about Japanese, as it can be great or so fishy and spicy if one does not know what to order. Jessica loves sushi and I still am not taken by it.