Sunday, April 24, 2016

Moroccan Restaurant "Le Riad," Avignon

Moroccan Cuisine intrigues me, and it's widely valued in France, so our
restaurant choice tonight was "Le Riad" here in Avignon.
We ordered rosé wine: Tavel, which grows not far from here.
Notice the spice dish behind the wine shaped like a traditional tajine, the
Moroccan conical pottery dish for slow cooking meat or vegetable recipes.
The dishes themselves are also called tajines.
Appetizer: triangular pastries filled with goat cheese and meat, served
with salad including fabulous black & green olives.
Main course: a tajine of chicken with preserved lemon, almonds, olives, raisins. Len had tajine of
lamb with apricots. The aromatic spices rise deliciously with the steam when the lid is lifted from the newly-cooked dish.
Dessert: oranges with cinnamon and orange-flower water.
The tajine menu. My ambition for a while is to become more familiar with and to learn to cook these dishes.

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Jeanie said...

My favorite chapter in Vivian Swift's new book (OK, one of them!) is the garden in Marrakech because of the fabulous colors! I see every single one of those colors on your plate (or in your photos!). Looks delicious!