Thursday, April 28, 2016

Les Baux de Provence

Les Baux de Provence is a fortified Medieval town on a hill that was mainly
destroyed during the wars of religion in the 16th century... it would
have been too valuable to Protestants. Its original inhabitants were bandits
working under the name of "Lords of Le Baux."
It's now one of the most beautiful places I know of. 
Still fortified! There are several war machines from the past, and costumed re-enactors doing some demos,
but I don't think they throw large stones down to the surrounding countryside any more ...
The countryside below.
The craggy peaks above the ruins, with more ruins on them. 

The current medieval lord of the town is Prince Ranier of Monaco (or whoever
replaced him), titled Marquis Des Baux. He funded these modern murals
in one of the chapels on the hill. The imagery of the watch and the adoration
of the shepherds uses the local shepherds, who take their flocks up to
the mountains each summer (the transhumance). 
Workers demonstrate medieval crafts.

provence-len 4

Birds like this kite fly over the ramparts. For more birds, click on the image and you will see Len's Flickr set.

Between the parking lot and the medieval area that you pay to enter
are very touristy streets selling Provencal stuff, some kitch, some ok.


Jeanie said...

This looks like fascinating territory. South of France/Provence is certainly on the bucket list!

Pam said...

Interesting history and gorgeous views!