Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eight Nights of Chanukah

Celebrating with Elaine and Larry in West Lafayette. Here: the 6th night.
This year we celebrated more times than ever before that I can remember!
Ready for roast chicken and roast vegetables, and about to light candles
for the 5th night.
The third night of Chanukah: latkes in my oven here in Ann Arbor, along with Carol's brisket which was warming up.
Candles and latkes for the third night.
Carol and family, ready to eat.
(We also had a celebration for the first night, but no photos!)
Candles for tonight, home for the last night. Happy Chanukah!


Jeanie said...

Your menorah is so beautiful and the latkes look delicious! I told my cousin that sometime I must come down to Cleveland for at least one Hanukkah celebration (they have several, also) -- just for the latkes, if nothing else!

Happy Hanukkah, Mae. I know it's over now, but it seems as though I am behind in everything!

Johanna GGG said...

Happy Hannukah - I think I would enjoy tucking into those latkes - had hoped you might have photos of the large gingerbread house you mentioned on my blog but it is lovely to see photos of Hannukah.