Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Ancient Dolmen at the Burren near Galway, 2005
Thinking of Ireland and food, I can't help remembering the terrible Irish crop failure and famine in the 19th century that drove more than half the population to emigrate, mainly coming here to the US. Consequently, I'm remembering the important contributions of Irish-Americans like President Kennedy.

More cheerfully, for this holiday I've chosen a few photos of Ireland, mainly food, from our visits to Arny and Tracy when they lived there. There's much more good food in Ireland than we know about over here.

Cooking in Arny and Tracy's kitchen, Galway, Ireland, 2011

Lunch at Monk's Pub, Ballyvaughn Ireland  
Opening an oyster at Moran's Oyster Cottage at Coole near the estate made famous
by William Butler Yeats
Open-air market at Moycullen, a small town near Galway

At a restaurant near Galway, 2005 

Hearth inside Yeats's tower at Gort, from our visit in 2000.

Cooking hearth at the Rock of Cashel, from our visit in 2000.
The Rock of Cashel is also known as Saint Patrick's Rock.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Pam said...

Great pics, Mae! My friend just returned from Ireland a couple of days ago and thought it was wonderful, pretty and great food. Wish we had gone there when we in Europe! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jeanie said...

I love that photo of you in the kitchen. It looks so warm and homey and inviting -- and the meat/potatoes are so delicious looking I want to swap my breakfast for dinner! Happy day!

Geri Saucier said...

Great photos. I love the market they had:)

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

We took the whole family to Ireland about 15 years ago---your wonderful photos have me yearning to go back.