Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Passage Vivienne

Last night we had dinner at Bistrot Vivienne in the Passage Vivienne with our friends Françoise and Laurent. It's one of the remaining 19th century shopping centers (or at least the predecessors of shopping centers) in Paris. It's a beautifully decorated restaurant with a delicious menu. You can see photos of the velvet couch where we sat, and the appetizers -- gazpacho and beets with goat cheese. The chicken was cooked with preserved lemon and served with cous-cous. Other dishes included asparagus ravioli, and the wonderful melon that's available at the markets and shops. Dessert: ice cream, mousse au chocolate. Needless to say there were many other choices on the menu.

Addendum: Passage Vivienne in Zazie dans le Metro:

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