Monday, July 08, 2013

Paris: A cup of coffee is a wonderful thing

A set of hand-made coffee cups displayed at an outdoor ceramics fair near Saint Sulpice.
In French homes where we have been, after-dinner coffee is always served in demi-tasse cups the size of these.
Breakfast coffe on our first morning in Paris
A cup of coffee in a cup marked with the brand "Cafes Richard" --
another breakfast at one of the many cafes near our  hotel
Long before coffee: medieval cups, flask, and pitchers at Musee de Cluny
Coffee and breakfast pastry on signature china at the very famous restaurant Le Dome, also near our hotel.
(Hemmingway ate here)

Outdoor lunch dessert: my indulgent sorbet dwarfs Len's little cup of coffee 
Another cup of coffee for breakfast near our hotel
Coffee with a crepe at the famous Josselin Creperie.
After a fabulous lunch: demi-tasse cups of coffee at Michelle's house with
friends Anne-Marie and Dominique
Different drink: a cup of tea at a table on the sidewalk at another creperie.
Breakfast at the airport yesterday: one choice of coffee -- Starbucks. No photo, as it's exactly like a Starbucks in the US, including glazed donuts, bagels, muffins and characteristic names for drink sizes. Who would want to see a photo of that?

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Jeanie said...

Sorbet isn't quite so indulgent as a pastry! I once had little demitasse cups which I gave away because I never used them. Then I went to France and wish I had kept them!