Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day pies and other round food

Breakfast: a round omelet, round tomato slices

Lunch: 2 Pi inches as measured along the edge of the 8 inch pita bread

Dinner: Chicken Pie with a mashed potato crust AND the Pi Day masterpiece --

Be-Bop-A-Re-Bop Rhubarb Pie


Olga said...

I want the recipe for the PIE!
Looks just terrific.

Mae Travels said...

Hi Olga,
I didn't really use a recipe for the pie. I make pie crust according to the directions in the Cuisinart booklet. The filling is strawberry-rhubarb sauce (no recipe, just slice & cook the fruit with sugar to taste; first pour boiling water over the sliced rhubarb) mixed with an egg yolk and folded into a beaten egg white. It's baked in the pie crust until it got brown. I kind of work without a net.