Friday, March 05, 2010

Goodbye Florida

White Ibis behind Jean & Jack's condo
Yesterday we went to another wildlife refuge -- disappointing because the birds were only sporadic instead of crowding all over like they do in the Everglades. We took a walk on the beach, where the waves were pretty gentle considering how windy it has been. A few gulls and terns acted as if we were part of the scenery, letting us come up almost next to them. All in all, the birds have made a remarkable adjustment to the fact that their habitat is now much occupied by gated communities of humans.

Here are Jean and Jack at Snapper's Restaurant where we all had fish and shellfish.

Our farewell meal at the airport whose wireless I'm now using was unspeakably bad. Dirty tables. Slow service with the usual long airport wait for the food to be prepared. Stale salad. Well, what do you expect. It's been a nice trip and the sendoff is hardly unexpected.

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Jeanie said...

Hate airport food! But glad you are back safely!