Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fourth of July Foods of the Day

Noon: Watermelon after the spontaneous Burns Park neighborhood parade.

2:00 PM: Dairy Queen with Red White and Blue Sprinkles; Girl Scout Tagalong blizzard
(after lunch -- hot dogs, no photos)

3:00: Dinner prelude: Jason's Imam Bayildi -- Turkish stuffed eggplants
(followed by a canoe and rowboat interlude on the lake)

5:30: Nat making ribs: the piece d'resistance!

Dinner sides: Kaywin's fruit salad; Nat's cornbread with fennel, raisins, and cranberries; Carol's vegetable salad with goat cheese, hearts of palm, and more; Mae's Jello and potato salad

7:00: S'mores for dessert


~~louise~~ said...

Well, well, It sure looks like you had quite an assortment of tasty goodies and fun on this 4th of July.

That's wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing...

Jeanie said...

What a feast! Looks fabulous! Happy belated fourth!