Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Evelyn's CSA

Evelyn brought me the goods: her farm share for last week. We ate some of the lettuce and the blueberries over the weekend. Tonight I used up the summer squash/zucchini and some of the wonderful little spring onions. I made one set of veggie skewers, one set with chicken and chicken sausage -- the latter a convenient leftover. I basted them with oil, dill, paprika, and a bit of chopped garlic.

On the hot Weber grill, Lenny broiled them to a delicious doneness, adding a bit of bbq sauce at the end -- a mixture of soy sauce, catsup, vinegar, and brown sugar.

I haven't signed on to buy a CSA share myself -- there are only 2 of us, and we didn't get back here until the middle of June. I think the whole idea of Community Supported Agriculture is great. It's true, we don't do kale -- Evelyn had to take that part of her share back with her. But if we ever do sign up, I imagine we'll find someone to take the kale off our hands. And I'd love it when the tomatoes come in!

Evelyn's farmer supplies vegetables of surprising variety, berries, and also eggs: half hen eggs, half duck eggs. (They were too fragile to make the trip, obviously.) He plants enough different things that a few storms or hot weeks still leave some good produce for the people who subscribe. Evelyn and her kids toured the farm during his spring open house, so they know where their vegetables grow, and they have met some of the hens.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I have a feeling I know Evelyn's farmer and I love his products. Duck eggs have been a revelation for me in terms of baking.

We're splitting our Tantre share this year, and it's been wonderful, because we tend to like different things and we've done some trading - it's been like being kids and trading Halloween candy.

Mae Travels said...

Her farmer is in Virginia -- she brought it to me when visiting for the weekend. But there are really good guys all over!