Friday, March 27, 2009

My "Local" Coffee

All the experts agree: it's best to eat fresh, local food. But some of us like coffee. And the only place in the USA that coffee grows is Hawaii. So my fresh, local supplier of coffee is the Kona Lisa Coffee Farm near Kona, Hawaii -- whose logo I reproduced above. You can get truly local vegetables and fruits, at least in-season, all over the US. But you have to be imaginative to have a local coffee producer who picks the beans, has them roasted, and then ships it quickly to you. If you are lucky enough to be in Kona, of course you can get this coffee at the Kona Farmer's Market.

I just opened a new package of Kona Lisa coffee this morning. I know it was just roasted a few days ago -- and then mailed to me here in California. (I have often had it mailed home to Michigan, too.) When I opened it, the aroma was fabulous. The beans were glossy with fresh oils that give the best taste. It's for sure 100% Kona coffee, and that's considered one of the best, for good reason.

Kona Lisa coffee is grown on a small farm, which we visited last summer (I wrote about it here): Cornerstone Farms • 83-5475 Painted Church Road • Captain Cook, HI 96704

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