Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Saint Paul de Mausole: Van Gogh's Last Days

The entrance to the Van Gogh memorial museum in the Saint Paul de Mausole
asylum near Saint Remy in Provence
This morning we explored the town and fortress of Les Baux de Provence. After lunch we went to the asylum at Saint Paul de Mausole near Saint Remy, where Vincent Van Gogh spent his last days. Although a number of the buildings still house an asylum, the cloister and rooms where Van Gogh stayed are now a museum. Here are a few images that to me relate to Van Gough. Part of the museum displays include many reproductions of Van Gogh's paintings of the locale, but I'm relying on your imagination as I did when enjoying the splendid views and scenes.

A European robin was singing in a tree as we approached the museum.

The late medieval cloister near Van Gogh's room.

From Van Gogh's window.
Said to be the room and furniture from Van Gogh's stay. 
From another window. also barred, into the cloister.

The olive trees and vistas outside the building are amazingly reminiscent of Van Gogh's paintings. More later about Les Baux, which is just as beautiful.


Kitchen Riffs said...

What a fun trip you're having! Love Van Gogh, and it's so interesting to see pictures of some of the scenes that were familiar to him. Fun read, love the pictures -- thanks.

Jeanie said...

I can see why you selected the photos you did -- they are splendid and yes, they do remind me of VanGogh. That cloister is so peaceful. And I love the robins! Very different from ours and so pretty, too!