Thursday, June 18, 2020

Imagined Creatures from Studio Ghibli

"My Neighbor Totoro" Movie Poster from Studio Ghibli (1988)
What are we watching on TV? We are watching the Studio Ghibli films, newly available to stream on HBO-Max. We have watched "Castle in the Sky," "Tales from Earthsea" (based on the books by Ursula Le Guin), and "Kiki's Delivery Service." There are many more! Most of our favorites are by the studio's founder, Hayao Miyazaki, who wrote scripts, song lyrics, and created much of the magic in the films.

The cat that's a bus -- from "Totoro." 
Studio Ghibli has invented some of the most wonderful imaginary creatures I have ever enjoyed. The large gentle creature called Totoro, that helps the two little girls in the film "My Neighbor Totoro" was (I think) the first I ever saw. "Spirited Away" takes place at a bath house where ghosts and many other supernatural creatures live -- at the end, the little girl heroine, Chihiro, rides on a dragon that turns out to be the real identity of one of the more human characters. A dragon similarly transforms from a character in "Earthsea." I want to dream about these characters.

Chihiro rides the dragon in "Spirited Away."
Movie poster from "Tales from Earthsea."
Calcifer, the fire demon, from "Howl's Moving Castle."
If you think these films are for children, you are mostly right, but you can love them no matter what you are.

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Iris Flavia said...

I agree, it works that way, too - not the other, though. My parents thought The Muppets Show was for children and "dumped" me in front of the telly to watch. I never got it!

Marg said...

One of our independent movie theatres is reopening with a festival of these films! I only just heard about them today.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of these before, Mae. You find the best films. I know cartoons are supposed to be for children, but they are often geared at adults.

Jeanie said...

Thanks for the recommendations, both for us and someday, the Littles!

eileeninmd said...


I have not heard of these cartoons. The creature are great characters!
I do not have HBO, so I will not be able to watch, thanks for sharing.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend! PS, thanks for the comment and visit.

Tina said...

This is something my son would love. He's 31 but loves these type shows, always has.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We love children's movies and I'm sure we would love these. I'll look for them! Happy weekend!