Saturday, March 02, 2019

Dinner at Taste Kitchen Restaurant

Cheese Platter -- served as a first course.
Last week we tried a local restaurant that was new to us, Taste Kitchen. It's been in a convenient location downtown for several years, but we do not eat out much here -- we wait for times when we are on vacation. 

The chef is from Vietnam via French cuisine training, meaning that the food seems very well flavored. Service was excellent. Many of the menu items are locally sourced, but where appropriate the materials come from elsewhere. We enjoyed every dish. The only exception: the fois gras was served with a very sweet cake and sweet sauce, which I found a bit overwhelming.

Salmon Sashimi.
Seared Scallops.
Duck Fois Gras (ultra sweet preparation).  
Chocolate Squares.
Coffee-flavored Creme Brulée.
The two of us: celebrating our anniversary.


Story Time said...

Happy Anniversary!

Pamela said...

Happy anniversary! It looks like a lovely dinner out.

Jen Rose said...

Happy anniversary! What a lovely way to celebrate! =)

Jeanie said...

Happy Anniversary, Mae and Len! And I think you picked a wonderful spot to celebrate. Everything on the menu looks as lovely as the two of you!

Tom said...

...I just ate, but you have just made me hungry again.

Tina said...

Happy anniversary, you two look wonderful!
We eat at home most of the time too, but dining out is a special occasion. Good looking meal.

dee Nambiar said...

The food looks interesting.
Happy Anniversary to you two. :)