Thursday, November 22, 2018

At the Louvre

"The Fall of the Rebel Angels" by an otherwise unknown Sienese artist. Dated 1340-1345. 

This painting of the Rebel Angels being thrown out of heaven (at right) was originally on one side of a wooden panel, and on the other side was an image of Saint Martin (left). For years, I have remembered seeing the incredible drama of these demons falling from heaven, but have been unable to find the painting, thanks to one of the many rearrangements of the Louvre. Today as we were walking through the early Italian galleries, I was delighted to see it! The two images have been transferred from wood to canvas, so they are displayed side-by-side.

The Louvre is of course an overpoweringly large museum with many works from almost all of European history until the 19th century (and a few more recent), as well as works from the Middle East and other places. Having spent most of the day there, I have a surfeit of photos. Here are a few of the most fanciful images that I found today.

A small ivory plaque depicting circus games, dated around 400.
A medieval tapestry around 5 feet square. Angels depicted like this look to me as if they are snorkeling.

A Byzantine pottery fragment from the 12th century.
A rock crystal dragon from the 16th century, part of the treasures displayed
in the magnificently decorated Galerie D'Apollon. 
Another fanciful object from the treasures of Apollon.
"The sword of Charlemagne the Just
Is ferric oxide, known as rust.
From the gift shop: lip balm in a tin adorned by Mona Lisa's famous lips.
 I didn't buy it. I did see Mona Lisa as well as the Winged Victory of Samothrace,
the Venus de Milo, and many other famous works of art.


Tina said...

I’m such a nerd, I would have bought that lip balm. What a great time you are having, I am jealous, would love to go to the Louvre. It’s fun seeing your photos, I’m enjoying them.

Jeanie said...

I thought sure you would have bought that lip balm! You must have seen a different wing than we did six years ago -- I don't remember any of these but they are stunning!


Jeff said...

What an incredible place to spend time!