Saturday, October 06, 2018

Leaving from Vancouver Airport

Here are a few photos of good things from our 1 week expedition on the National Geographic Sea Bird. We are now waiting at Vancouver Airport for a plane back to Michigan. It's been a glorious week with wonderful wildlife and scenic vistas over the water and towards the mountains. I'll do some specific wrap-up posts on the First Peoples, the birds, and other topics.

Three orcas spouting. We spent a morning looking at a large pod of these beautiful creatures (also known as killer whales.)
They live in family groups headed by the oldest female, usually the mother of the males in the group.

We saw quite a few bald eagles.
And we saw crows everywhere!


Debra Eliotseats said...

Always love tagging along with you!

Geraldine Saucier said...

Great pictures. I love the whale one. Beautiful job.

Sami said...

How lucky that you saw killer whales :)

Tina said...

Orcas are amazing creatures. We watched a Blue Planet video from the library and it focused on how the Orcas communicate when hunting a whale and her calf. As they get closer it's radio silence as they move in. Very intelligent.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I have friends that did a similar trip but it looks as though you had much better weather. Weather is so important, I'm glad you had a good time.

Sherry Mackay said...

love that eagle. i would love to see orcas in the wild. i believe they are actually dolphins not whales at all? and only kill for food.