Monday, October 08, 2018

A Day Ashore in Victoria

A garden tour of Victoria, B.C. was our choice of morning activities on our day ashore from the Sea Bird. The first visit was to
two private gardens. The creator of the gardens (and owner of one of them) is shown beside one of her many beautiful flower beds.
In the pleasant climate beside the water, flowers bloom almost all year.

We and our fellow passengers enjoyed the artistry of this garden, which has views of the Salish Sea or one of the
harbors and coves that surround Victoria.

Our tour guide from the bus was very knowledgeable about flowers,
and gave Len a lot of interesting information. 
View from one of the two neighboring gardens we visited.
Our second visit was to the Government House gardens. This is a rare Chinese sequoia, grown from seeds many years ago.
I was amused at the two yogis who were practicing nearby. The tree, also called dawn redwood, is deciduous.
A sundial in the Government House herb garden.
Several examples of the carving of local people are in the garden.
Near the harbor: a floral interpretation of the orcas that live in the seas of the area.
In the afternoon, we visited the Royal B.C. Museum, spending most of
our time in the First Peoples' Galleries.
From the ship at dusk: Victoria Harbor.


dee Nambiar said...

What a lovely place.
And one of those gardens were on the coast? Very nice.
That topiary of the Orcas -- so well done.

Debra Eliotseats said...

We have friends in Alberta. When we were there last we drove into B.C. and I was amazed at the gardens!

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I've always heard that Victoria is beautiful and your photos prove that.

Pam said...

Everyone says Victoria is just lovely, can't wait to visit someday!