Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August Grilling

An eggplant -- almost done -- and two pork chops getting started on the grill. The eggplant was for baba ganoush.
The pork chops.
The baba ganoush as we ate it the next day.
Eating outside has been very pleasant this month. It's hard to accept that the season will soon be over!
Our Weber Grill has been busy.
We get a lot of ideas from Steven Raichlen's barbecue recipes. Here is his way to cook corn -- make natural
handles from the husks, and brush with herb butter.
Grilling the corn and a flank steak.
Another Steven Raichlen recipe: yakitori with home-made sauce. 
New item: a wok with holes for stir-frying veggies over the fire.
We also tried a nice Greek diner in Dexter, Michigan, called the Riverview Cafe. I had corned beef hash topped with
fried eggs -- this shows the hash, the toast, and the egg. Very classic!


Kitchen Riffs said...

Love grilling season! We have both a gas and a charcoal grill, and I go back and forth between which I prefer. Charcoal, really, but gas is so convenient. So I use both. :-)

Judee@gluten Free A-Z Blog said...

Being a vegetarian, I don't own a grill- but I'm sure we would love the grilled eggplant in the Baba, the corn, and the wine!! Looks delicious!

Jeanie said...

This looks SO GOOD! And I loved that photo of you -- you look just radiant and so happy!

Hmm. Maybe we should meet up in Dexter!

Jeanie said...

Oops. I think I had to hit word verification. Well, if the other one doesn't come in, I said I thought you looked radiant -- I LOVE that photo of you. SO happy and content.

And maybe we should meet in Dexter!

Tina said...

Grilling outside is a great thing! I love sitting outdoors and we still have time....I hope...before it gets cold. Our problem has been the rain lately.

Love the photos, you look lovely. And happy to be sitting outside.

Beth F said...

Great grilling! Love all your wonderful outdoor meals!

Vicki said...

Your food looks very good!

I love grilling outside but we didn't use our grill as much as I'd have liked this summer. Since I live in Florida and we can use it all year long, I'd like to use it more the rest of the year.

Carole said...

We must dust off and clean up our BBQ now it's spring here. Cheers

Nish said...

The grilled corn and eggplant looks delicious!