Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Ann Arbor Amusements

We kayaked down the Huron River. The swans were rather tame!
Another classic film at the Michigan Theater: Alfred Hitchcock's "Marnie."
We also rented "Psycho" from last weekend. What a great director!
The summer classic film series, of which we saw two of the offerings.
The magnificent lobby ceiling with the balcony.
Tuesday night BOTH of the Michigan Theater's organs were being played.
Before the movie: dinner at the Slurping Turtle across the street from the theater. They offer a variety of noodle bowls.
Slurping Turtle's steamed buns are delicious! Sometimes I order three of them for my dinner.
Sushi was my main course. The roll contents: eel and cucumber.

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Jeanie said...

Thanks for the Slurping Turtle recommendation. Looks delish! Love how you are spending your summer!