Friday, June 02, 2017

West Lafayette, Indiana

Born yesterday -- a baby goat at the Lafayette, Indiana, zoo.
The zoo also has a small but attractive butterfly house.

Today is the first day of our trip west this summer. We drove from Ann Arbor to West Lafayette, and spent an hour or so at the small but very nice Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette, around 10 minutes from Elaine and Larry's house. They had made a zoo trip earlier in the week, and learned that baby goats were expected. So they were curious about the new arrival. We also watched feeding time for the river otters, and walked around in the gardens.

This wallaby -- one of several -- was enjoying a nice stick. I don't know
if he was chewing for food or to clean his teeth.  The wallaby pens are
separated from the zoo goers by a very low rope, and they sometimes walk
among their visitors. A double gate seems enough to keep them from escaping.
Before the zoo, we enjoyed Elaine's fabulous blintzes for lunch.

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