Friday, June 09, 2017

Birds, beasts, flowers, and streams

 The Santa Fe River, far upstream, near the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Santa Fe.
During our Santa Fe visit this week, we took a morning walk there.

A hummingbird at the Davey Audubon Center.
Flowering cactus, Davey Audubon Center.
A western bluebird, which we saw in downtown Santa Fe, near the Santa Fe River.

The Galisteo River (or Creek) runs behind the small town of Galisteo, NM.
We took a beautiful walk there.
A friendly dog ran, jumped, and waded in the stream, accompanying
us on our walk.
We called the dog Dolly because she looked like the dog we used to have.
The Galisteo church stands quite near the stream where we walked.
Galisteo is about half an hour from Santa Fe.
After three days of varied activities, we left Santa Fe this morning, and drove to Flagstaff. We will be spending a few days of intensive, guided birdwatching here. On the way, we stopped briefly for a picnic at the visitor center of the Petrified Forest.

A bunny near the picnic area at the Painted Desert.
Two finches in a yucca plant at the Painted Desert.

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