Monday, June 12, 2017

California Condors and More

The high point of our incredibly long and eventful day today was seeing this California Condor. These birds became extinct
in the wild, and are being reintroduced from a captive breeding program. There are only a few hundred of them alive now.
The male condor was outside the small cliffside cave where the pair are raising a chick. The female was nearby. 
We spent several hours at the Grand Canyon -- obviously another high point of our day and of our entire trip west.

We had dinner at the Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation.
Another high point of the day was trying a Navajo Taco on fry bread.
The trading post is  decorated with magnificent Navajo rugs and other artifacts.
We left our hotel at 6 AM and returned at 8:30 PM. Our guide drove us 360 miles, from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon and onward to the Navajo Bridge where a pair of condors are nesting. The beauty of the scenery on the reservation, the many views of the Grand Canyon, and the many other birds we saw also made for a remarkable day -- though very long.

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Tina said...

I didn't know they started releasing condors again, that is wonderful, the photos are great! What a wing span in those condors.
This is a trip my husband and I want to make one day.