Friday, June 28, 2013

The street of crepes

Once we checked into our hotel after our overnight train trip, we started the day in Paris with lunch at one of around a dozen creperies near our hotel. Most have very Breton names like the Quiberon or La Phare (lighthouse) and Breton traditional crepes, both sweet and savory. We had no idea that we were staying on the street of crepes! I was stunned to recall once again how absolutely wonderful-tasting real fois gras is, and how delicious a real French salad dressing can be. I look forward to trying some of the sweet varieties too.

Lunch: My galette (savory crepe) with fois gras, fig jam, a drizzle of honey, and a salad.
Background: Len's sausage, onion, and potato-filled crepe.
Restaurant: Creperie La Bigoudene
Fish-monger's window not far from the creperies.
I love looking at the food stores, markets, wine shops, cheese shops, patisseries...

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~~louise~~ said...

An entire street lined with creperies! I just knew I would love Paris!

Thanks for sharing, Mae...