Sunday, June 30, 2013

A few good meals

Cold Salmon at Balzar where we met Michelle on Saturday
Dessert: molten chocolate cake
Fish at Balzar
Saturday dinner: a salad near our hotel
Mussels at Brasserie Suffren
Fish with aioli at Brasserie Suffren,
which was near our apartment in 1989 -- still good!
Sunday lunch at Michelle's apartment in Cachan, just outside Paris
A statue by Zadkine on Boulevard Edgar Quinet
Background: Tour de Montparnasse
Besides eating Paris is full of fabulous outdoor art
Also, Paris is full of beautiful old traditional things,
like the fountains of this design that once were really the water supply.


~~louise~~ said...

As good as all that food looks Mae, I must say, I am more than intrigued by that beautiful fountain. (I may also be stuffed from the picnic too:)

Thank you so much for sharing...

Jeanie said...

How long were you there? I love the fountains and so much of the city's functional sculpture.