Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hooray for Ellen and Alec!

Dinner tonight: Alec and Ellen's Award-Winning Chili, made according to their recipe, using their special Texas chili seasoning mix. I'm so glad to have more of this great spice blend. As shown in the photo, I also made cornbread (using a New York Times recipe) and a salad of avocado and grapefruit sections from TEXAS grapefruits.

I followed the recipe carefully -- it makes enough for 8 or 10 servings, but I only warmed up enough for the two of us. As instructed I did not put any beans in it!

Link to first post on Texas Red: http://maefood.blogspot.com/2006/11/texas-red.html


Jeanie said...

I hate beans in chili! I get frustrated when I buy a really good seasoning or spice and it was from out of town -- sometimes not so easy to get again! This looks fabulous!

Mae Travels said...

Ellen and Alec have actually given me the recipe for their spice blend -- but I'm delighted to have some from their own kitchen. They first gave it to us as well as to their other wedding guests many years ago.