Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Shipboard Dining

Ecuadorian Barbecue Lunch on the National Geographic Islander

The Head Chef on the Islander

Islander Kitchen

Lunch Buffet, Islander

Food on the National Geographic Islander was mainly very good -- the dinners, with table service, offered much less choice than lunch and breakfast buffets, and thus I enjoyed them less. The kitchen and dining room staff were all very helpful. The last night, we learned that the pastry chef is also a singer -- the kitchen staff performed skits, and he sang to us.

During the week we spent on land, we took a couple of cruises. Here's the lunch and the small kitchen of the SeaFinch, a very nice boat that took us for a quite pleasant cruise:


Jeanie said...

It all looks wonderful -- I agree; I'd like the choice -- on the other hand, as long as it's all good...!!!

~~louise~~ said...

GREAT shots, Mae. I think its pretty cool that they let you take their pictures. I haven't been able to bring myself to take food pictures in public yet.

It sure sounds like there was enough food, although perhaps not as many choices as you may have preferred. I suppose you can weigh the amount of food served by the amount of weight you gained. I have a tendency to munch quite a bit while sailing:)

Thanks for sharing, Mae

Mae Travels said...

Louise -- I always ask to see and photograph kitchens. The chefs almost always are happy to have their photos taken, and I also point the camera around the most interesting parts of the kitchen. In fact they often seem very flattered at my interest.

Nice to hear from you... mae

~~louise~~ said...

How agreeable of them, Mae. I must get up enough courage to give it a try. Although, I haven't any plans for long trips this year. I feel like I'm on vacation all the time since I finally made it to PA. This too shall pass though and wanderlust will kick in, I'm sure.