Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quiet, Quiet, Quiet

After our very exciting travel in the Galapagos, we are enjoying a very quiet month. Our garden is beautiful, thanks to frequent rain storms. I am cooking plain but tasty meals with foods from various markets and supermarkets.

I read one good travel and food article in a current New York Times: A Liberian Tour With Fork (and Fingers). The author writes: "Liberian food is my weakness. Hearty, spicy and influenced by the immigrants and settlers who have over the years made this tiny coastal country home, it incorporates the best of West African cooking with traditions from the American South"

I'm reading the endlessly long Les Miserables, having decided to follow up Anna Karenina (read on the long plane ride to Ecuador and on some of the quiet afternoons in the hotel) and Moby Dick (read when I returned from the trip). I don't like Victor Hugo as well as Tolstoy or Melville.

But it's all very quiet. And that's why I haven't posted any new thoughts on food.


Jeanie said...

Wow -- you are into heavy summer reading! But "healthy!"

I was thinking of you last night, hoping you didn't get too much damage or wind from the storms last night and today. We seemed to be just out of the path, getting only gentle rain, but the reports looked very "red" and "yellow" -- not god.

Farm markets are my favorite. I feel I eat better, more locally and more creatively from June through September than any time of the year!

Mae Travels said...

I am in the habit of ignoring storm warnings. Last night at our house that was appropriate -- just some rain. Though during the earlier warning, I was visiting with some women who insisted that we continue our meeting in a basement for a while -- unnecessary.

Thanks for the concern!

~~louise~~ said...

I commend you on your reading itinerary. Very brave. I haven't read Anna Karenina in ever so long. I wouldn't mind reading it again. However, I'm still trying to get through The Inns of Greece and Rome but it seem, I just can't focus on reading at all these days.

I'm hoping you posted more about your exciting trip. I'll go back and see.

Thanks for sharing, Mae...