Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Farmers Market

For several years I've been taking photos of the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, which rents stalls only to the primary growers of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, bedding plants, and meat. Bakers, potters, and other craftsmakers can also sell their own products. Farmers drive in from the area perhaps 50 miles around -- one orchard from Traverse City brings cherries in a few times a year. The cherries I bought today are from closer to home, though. The potatoes were dug yesterday, and the farmer said it's only the second time he's harvested them this year -- so they are NEW potatoes! It's the end of the season for sugar peas -- I hope the ones I bought are really tender.

Obviously, this means everything is local.

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Today was my first trip to the market this year. It definitely belongs in my little series on my favorite markets and supermarkets!


Edward Vielmetti said...

Mae -

I think you'd like Real Time Farms:

which has lots more market photos.

Mae Travels said... is a very neat website, thanks! Some of the photographers posted photos of the same fruit and vegetables that I picked for my photos, but of course it's a much more complete panorama of the market as a whole.

Jeanie said...

Oh, show us more and take us there! I seldom get to AA and the farm market in the summer, though sometimes in the fall! But I was at Gaylord's market this weekend (still early for the north, but the strawberries were to die for!) and we ate as local as we could, with tons of herbs from home, lots of berries (am I red yet?) and home made bread, cheese made at MSU. Felt good.

Maria Verivaki said...

we're great fans of farmers' markets here in crete - we have them on most days of the week all year round

everything is local, but it's not always seasonal (in the winter, produce is grown in greenhouses)

one thing i can say about your markets is that they look tidier - we always see the produce in bulk, never in pretty tubs!