Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Produce Station

Since I seem to be grocery shopping often these days, I decided to post pictures of some of the markets and supermarkets where I am spending my time. The Produce Station offers a wide selection of local fruit and vegetables, gardening plants, prepared meals, and quite a few other things.

Today the most exciting local produce was Michigan cherries.

produce-sta3156...but if you want something more exotic, it's available!

produce-sta3159 Zingerman's bakehouse is marvelous -- the best thing the Zingerman's empire does, as far as I'm concerned. Driving to the bakehouse itself takes a little more time: The Produce Station has around half of the kinds of bread from the bakehouse.

produce-sta3172Plenty of vegetables...

produce-sta3175... and cheese...

produce-sta3169...candy in packages and also bulk candy, nuts, fancy mixes, dried fruit, and even a small wine selection. I took photos of all this, but it's way to extensive to show.

produce-sta3164pizza, quiche, macaroni and cheese, burritos, soups, a salad bar. So many temptations.

produce-sta3143Outside, you can buy lots of herb plants, flowers, tomato plants, cages to grow them on, beautiful flower pots, even small trees. The most amazing thing is that the store is so small that you can hardly get past the other carts.

Thanks to Lydia at The Perfect Pantry for giving me the idea to write about my markets!


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Mae!!!
I am so sorry I haven't been here in a while. I'm having a major problem managing my personal time these days. I do believe it has something to do with my "getting on in years" seriously. I want to do everything, NOW!!!

I'm so glad Lydia suggested a market post. I've been doing much more food shopping these days (Marion eats like a...:) She's a delightful muncher though. I sure wouldn't mind a market like this one. Holly Market!!! I was just telling Marion tonight about the Michigan cherries I had while visiting a few years ago. Once you've had a Michigan cherry right off the tree, it's difficult to enjoy one from the grocery store even from Michigan. Fresh is best:)

Everything looks so vibrant and airy. I can definitely see making a day out of it. Simply Amazing!!!

I know it's a little late but I just can't leave without inviting you to play the Picnic Game. We played last year and it was quite a time. If you have recuperated from your "quiet time," perhaps, you would like to join us. I just did a post with the available letters if you would like to take a look. I'd sure love to "see" you there.

Now, I must go catch up again...Thanks for your patience and sharing your market. Louise

Jeanie said...

Oh, I wonder where this one is! They have Ginger Chews! And those cherries. I suspect next week will be cherry overload for me. Must enjoy them while they're at their peak!

You're right about the bake house. And the rye! Oh, don't you love summer markets?!