Sunday, April 19, 2009

Squash Blossoms

Squash blossoms were almost the first thing I saw as we entered the produce part of the La Jolla open air market today. Each blossom had already given birth to a tiny baby zucchini. They were very fresh looking. I bought 8 of them -- at $5.99 a pound, this cost only $1.50, which is an amazingly low price. I also bought some eggs, some all-red strawberries, and some cookies, planning our lunch. The eggs are very fresh: the hens laid them on Friday. As well, I bought some vegetables and fruit for later meals, and enjoyed walking around and looking at the stalls.

I washed the blossoms very carefully: last year, one of my blossoms had a little fly in it. They were quite clean. I spooned some cream cheese into each one, and put egg and matzoh meal on them. I used three eggs, and after I had browned the batter-covered blossoms, I swirled egg around to make a sort of squash-blossom omelet.

The result was quite nicely balanced -- I learned from last year when I used stronger cheese and overwhelmed my blossoms.

We bought lavender shortbread cookies from a stall called CalAsia Food, which has very beautiful products. They were delicious with the all-red very ripe strawberries. A total farmer's market lunch.

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