Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crepe Stands

Sunday at the Farmers' Market I noticed two crepe makers with big circular griddles. To spread the batter and make the crepes thin, they used a sort of trowel, and their technique and equipment remind me of the crepe stands that appear outside cafes in Paris in the winter (or at least, did appear during the times I spent there). They were very seasonal: from Twelfth Night until Mardi Gras. Crepes aren't traditional during Lent, so they stop.

The fillings for crepes here are a little different: some Mexican flavors, some cheese, mainly quite savory crepes. I don't think I saw jam, chocolate, or Nutella -- a favorite in France. (Myself, I hate Nutella.) I don't think they had the "Popeye" crepe either -- that's with spinach. And here, the crepe maker was a young man (you can just see his tattoos) -- while my memory is that in Paris the crepe makers were usually small, elderly, rather plump women in cloth coats with an apron over them.

In spring, the Paris crepe kiosks reappeared outside the cafes with a soft-serve ice cream machine. I suspect that here, the crepe sellers will continue to sell more crepes.

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