Tuesday, August 12, 2008

French Toast at Lava Rock

Last night we slept in Volcano at a forgettable B&noB -- bed but no breakfast. The whole two-day trip was really worth doing: our experience seeing volcanic activity was fabulous -- we had great conditions for viewing the current eruptions. I'll be figuring out a selection from our couple hundred photos of lava gushing into the ocean and creating clouds of steam by day and at night.

We ate breakfast at the Lava Rock Cave. Lilikoi taste of the day: syrup for my French Toast. Excellent, light French toast. Not-too-sweet syrup with fresh-tasting fruit flavor.

Len had a bagel. Did you know that bagels are Hawaiian? At the picnic shelter in Volcanoes National Park we were sitting next to a group of elderly Hawaiian aunties who were talking about where to get the best bagels. So we knew they were authentic local food. What did I say about everything here being both local and global?

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Jen said...

It sounds like you're both having a fascinating trip.