Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Local Produce

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market was beautiful and sunlit this morning. I got there early enough to get a good parking space, and quickly bought the items that I wanted for a couple of recipes. The market stall above I where I bought herbs and zucchini. I was thinking plum chutney, but the Michigan blue plums aren't in yet.

And here's what I already have in the oven and in the pot: ratatouille and roasted tomatoes. Last year I made only one tray of tomatoes. We used them up so quickly that this year I have 2 trays in the oven, to cook very slowly until 10:30 PM. Last year's write up is at New Recipe. The recipe came from Lydia, here: Roasted tomatoes. The last thing I made with them was Trout.

When I make ratatouille, I always think of Michelle in Provence and her local produce from the market in Cotignac. This time, every fresh item I used is local. We don't have local olive oil the way they do in Provence!


Kerry said...

I love, love, love ratatouille!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Beautiful farmers market -- and I'm so glad you're still roasting tomatoes. I made a few trays yesterday, too!