Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Along Oak Creek

Oak Creek is a beautiful stream near Flagstaff, where we are staying. Today we birded at several sites along the creek, and ate lunch in Sedona, where the creek flows into the Verde River. We especially enjoyed a walk along an irrigation channel beside the creek, where we walked on private land near the home of a friend of our guide. Irrigation channels were built along the creek over 100 years ago when the area was developed for agriculture. We saw several farms with cows and horses in fenced enclosures as we walked and searched for the many types of birds that live in this beautiful habitat.

A young Great Horned Owl near Oak Creek.


Tina said...

Excellent photo of the owl, he, or she, looks very impressive.

Jeanie said...

Wonderful owl photo. I know exactly where you are! (Have you been to the Museum of Northern AZ in Flagstaff? It's small but fascinating!

Sherry Mackay said...

Wow that owl 🦉 looks stuffed:)