Thursday, December 08, 2022

Shops and Supermarkets

Tourism in a Supermarket

I was delighted one day early in our birding and museum trip to Holland when our tour guides decided to stop our bus at a supermarket so that they could buy snacks, water bottles, and other things we needed. Going into supermarkets is definitely fun. I tried to capture some images that showed that I found things both familiar and somewhat different. In case you were wondering: we had a bus with around 26 seats for the driver, two (or sometimes three) guides and eleven participants, so it was quite comfortable!

Bonne Maman from France is my favorite jam. All the familiar flavors were available, and also hazelnut spread!

Dutch cheese was featured, of course, including lots of uncut wheels of Gouda and other cheeses.

High-End Shopping in Amsterdam

I’ve already mentioned that we strolled down a very fancy shopping street near the museums. Here are a few more pictures of the colorful shop windows.

Large, strange, colorful birds were used to display Hermes bags and scarves.

Museum Shops

I didn’t pass up any opportunities to buy magnets at the shops in the museums. Here is one more image from the Van Gogh Museum Shop.

Van Gogh's painting "Almond Blossom," painted in 1890, is featured on many souvenirs.
Full disclosure: I bought the socks.

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eileeninmd said...

The grocery store looks similar to the stores here near me.
Your tour bus does sounds comfortable, not too many people.
Take care, enjoy your day!

Jenn Jilks said...

They know how to do things in Amsterdam!

Tandy | Lavender and Lime ( said...

It's lovely to see photos of what's familiar to me. We bought a Delft souvenir on our last visit. How did the prices of groceries compare to where you live?

Iris Flavia said...

Nice supermarket with all the motives.
Wow on that panther. And the bird with the bag!

My name is Erika. said...

I'm with you. Supermarket tourism is great as you really get a feel for the culture. Happy Friday Mae!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The grocery store interested me. I was blown away by those cheeses. I would be in cheese heaven if I lived there. Our cheeses are SO domestic and boring for the most part. Fruits and veggies looked similar, but OH THOSE CHEESES!!

those strange birds used real feathers. they were beautiful, even if they were quirky. BTW, did I mention I loved the cheese section of the grocery store?

Jeanie said...

Going to supermarkets in foreign countries is one of my favorite things to do. In Paris I found Bonne Maman citroen. My friend says he hasn't found it for months and I'm glad I have a small supply from what he brought last time! Yum! (When I was in Holland, I freaked out at the cheese section -- oh, my!)

Mae Travels said...

Hi Jeanie,
I've found Bonne Maman Citron, that is, lemon curd, a couple of times in shops in Ann Arbor. It's definitely good!