Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Pleasures

Chocolate chip cookies... one of the most perfect foods, no?

I made them from the recipe on the Toll House Chocolate Chips package.
The eagles at Magee Marsh on Lake Erie east of Toledo are raising eaglets again this year. Warblers are just returning.
We enjoyed a beautiful day with friends, birdwatching, fleeing a downpour, eating in Toledo, and going to the museum.
I brought some of my chocolate chip cookies to share with the friends (not with the birds).

... the eaglet's head popped up now and then as I watched the nest.

Spring flowers at West Lake Preserve near Chelsea, MI.
That's what I've been doing this week!


jama said...

Great pics of the eagle's nest! Sounds like a nice day out. You do realize you're torturing us with those cookies, don't you? :)

Beth F said...

Cookies? sigh. I used to bake chocolate chip cookies all the time when I was younger and burning off the calories more easily.