Sunday, April 09, 2017


Festifools is a very informal parade in Ann Arbor, featuring huge hand-made puppets and a variety of people in costume. 
Miriam, Alice, and I enjoyed watching the parade on a
glorious sunny afternoon. 
More Festifools. 
Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor with his official Festifools puppet likeness.
Update: our photo from the Ann Arbor News online.

After the parade, we stopped at Iorio's for gelato.
Earlier in the day, we had pancakes and waffles for brunch at Common Grill in Chelsea.

Miriam and Alice at one of the murals in an alleyway in Chelsea.
First thing in the morning, before brunch in Chelsea, we went on a salamander
walk in Hudson Mills park. First we saw some captive salamanders
and learned a little about their unusual life cycle.
Here's a salamander that our expedition found under a log in the park. Most of the year these amphibians hide deep
in the ground, but they come up for two or three weeks to breed in small spring ponds where their larvae will
be safe from predatory fish. There are several species of salamander in the park. This was all new to us. Quite a Sunday!

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What a fantastic Sunday!